Pure CBD Topical 500mg


  • Topical CBD 500mg
  • Purity, efficacy, and effectiveness.


This Topical CBD Delivers 500mg of CBD to the area with pain directly. The coconut oil and MCT oil are great for the skin and can replenish moisture while is relieves the pain in the area. This product is responsibly sourced as well as meticulously derived with efficacy and purity in mind.

“Pure CBD Topical isolate delivers all the benefits of pure hemp oil with the added reassurance of including non-detectable levels of THC. Each bottle of Pure CBD Topical is combined with MCT oil derived from sustainably sourced coconut oil. And with no fillers or additives, this makes Pure CBD Topical oil the perfect product to be used in conjunction with the ML830 Cold Laser.” Kannaway Distribution Site


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