Do we take insurance?

Yes, we take insurance if Acupuncture is covered under the patient's plan. We our in network with American Specialty Health which covers a variety of insurances including Kaiser, United Healthcare and other common HMO plans. We are also in the network with Blue Shield/Blue Cross. If you are not sure if your insurance is covered, feel free to call and ask us or call your insurance company and ask them if we are covered.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Occasionally,  Acupuncture can cause a mild pinching feeling locally at the insertion point. In most cases, Acupuncture is not painful and side effects are uncommon.

Acupuncture can cause a small amount of bleeding local to the insertion site and a small dime sized bruise. Often, patients will say that they feel a dull aching at the insertion site, and that is normal. Its commonly said that they experience a bubbling sensation under the skin. These reactions are normal and should not be alarming. Every person is different and they may experience acupuncture in unique ways.