Acupuncture, Electrical Stimulation, & Cupping

Acupuncture, Electrical Stimulation, & Cupping is an excellent combination for whole body wellness.

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Sports Massage, Tui Na, & Acupressure

Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure and Tui Na are some modalities used at SoulStrong.  These techniques are used to assist you in becoming a better athlete and a healthier being.

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Functional Training, Injury Recovery & Dietary Advice

Holistic Healing Means whole body healing, and treatments must be accompanied by a fitness routine to achieve success. Mind, Body, & Soul Strength. Functional training encompasses training for mobility, weight loss, and strength for everyday living. Injury recovery involves the observation of common muscle imbalances, injuries, or weaknesses that may create or aggravate the given injury. After a diagnosis is made, there is an assignment of fitness routines that may correct these injuries. Many of the muscular injuries that people acquire can be alleviated by trigger point therapy, acupressure, acupuncture and cupping. However, alleviating the pain does not correct the issue and it is likely that the issue will reoccur. It is our goal to design training around healing, balance, and injury prevention. Also, Acupuncture and herbal therapy can aid in weight loss, but that weight loss will not be sustainable without the addition of lifestyle changes. We are not about judgement or pushing a fitness agenda, however, we recognize that many health issues come directly from poor physique due to inadequate nutrition or overindulgence in unhealthy dietary choices. Fitness is a lifestyle for us, but as a healing agency, it is utilized in helping people seek and find there highest level of health and wellness.

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SoulStrong Wellness Vision

SoulStrong Wellness is a place to achieve holistic wellness or whole body wellness. We help  individuals heal by planning and executing a lifestyle of health & fitness, as well as illness recovery & prevention. To achieve whole body wellness one must integrate a functioning meridian system, balanced musculature, complete nutrition, and the discipline to follow a healthy lifestyle. We choose to offer a diverse array of treatments because we feel that is the best way to achieve your highest level of health. The body is not a simple organism;  the spectrum of possibilities within each of us makes achieving wellness most effective when diverse tools are utilized.

At SoulStrong Wellness, you can realize your true Strength, your SoulStrength, which will transform into longevity and health. Join our community today so that your treatments can begin. The fusion of Acupuncture, Massage, & Functional Training will create balance in your life.  You will see the truth within our mission while becoming a better athlete and a healthier being.


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